The TCPS Leadership

Total Cover Protective Security Leadership

James Claggion, CEO

Mr. James Claggion began his career in protective services in the U.S. Navy, in August of 1993. During his 15 years of military service, he effectively executed more than 30 protective-service operations in 30 countries, including the Middle East, Central Asia, the Horn of Africa and Europe.

As an Executive Protection Agent for NCIS, Mr. Claggion trained extensively and gained practical experience in counter surveillance; force protection; information, personnel and physical security; law enforcement; threat assessment; and antiterrorism, and provided protective services for high-ranking military officers.

He received numerous recognitions, commendations, decorations and medals, including a Joint Commendation Medal from the Secretary of Defense and a Letter of Commendation from NCIS Director, David Brant, for his service in Al Basrah, Iraq.

Upon honorable discharge from the Navy in 2008, Mr. Claggion commenced his civilian career in protective services. He has provided physical security for U.S. Government facilities; planned, coordinated and executed protective-service missions; responded to security alerts, civil disturbances and life-threatening situations; provided personal protection to high-ranking government officials, executives and celebrities; conducted inspections and investigations; and supervised and trained security personnel.

Sultan Saed Alhadhrami Chairman/ Business Partner

Sultan Saed Alhadhrami, a former soldier who joined the UAE’s armed forces in 1991, has completed officers and non
commissioned officers courses, ground and maritime terrorism combat training, and technical courses in wired and wireless detection in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He served the military until 2001 when he decided to enter the industry of business and investment. Meanwhile, his great dedication to the nation he once served is what creates his aim within this field towards a better security and a more developed military.

In 2015, Alhadhrami initiates the Total Cover Protective Security Company in Abu Dhabi with the support and main assistance of the Total Cover Protective Services in the U.S, which has achieved more than a hundred years of experience in civil and military security providing executive protection, corporate security, and security training. Alhadhrami’s current and future vision aims with the assistance of TCPS to provide the best-customized security plans for his country; the UAE and its nationals.

Our Team

TCPS is a, certified, bonded professional security consultancy licensed in the United Arab Emirates. Our clients
traverse government and private sectors including military, police, interior, and national security across the UAE,
GCC, Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

TCPS is led by an executive management team and training staff with a combined 150+ years of expertise across
national security, energy security, police, and military security operations, TCPS provides a wide range of training classes and programs fine-tuned by decades of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE in designing, implementing and
managing various security service programs.